NLP  Language Patterns for Advertising

How adding clever twists to language is making some companies' response rates climb.

New York, NY -- Derrick Gossman couldn't figure it out. He'd written a website sales-letter to sell his ebook and although his site was getting plenty of hits, he just wasn't selling anything. Yes, he had written his "killer copy" with the intent to "skyrocket his explosive profits." He was turning his features into benefits... and all the rest of it.

But nothing was happening. He followed the advice of the so-called internet gurus with their "hypnotic writing" and the "Who else wants (benefit)?" clichés. And he was going nowhere. As direct-response copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis once said, "Overuse equals abuse."

And that's what happens when people who want to succeed on the internet follow the canned advice of the internet gurus: thousands of people doing the same tired things. And the result: absolutely nothing - except discouragement.

Are you in the same predicament?

You can change all that by using NLP Language Patterns throughout your copy. What are they? And how can they help?

NLP and Language Patterns for Sales

I'm assuming that you already know about NLP  and what it can do. But what NLP can do with language is quite incredible and is the focus of this article.

Years ago the founders of NLP were amazed when they discovered therapists who could actually change the way a person feels, believes, and thinks with just a few words. Luckily, the NLP founders were able to codify and create patterns with the therapists' almost magical use of language. They would then teach these patterns to anyone who wanted to learn them - for a price.

Salespeople who studied NLP realized they could use these language patterns to dramatically influence buyers.

This unorthodox -- and highly effective -- use of language patterns inNLP sales remained a secret for years. With the results they were getting, they certainly didn't need their competitors to know about it.

They were able to create beliefs and mental states in their readers that were beyond what normal copywriting could do. They could make prospects believe their company was the only one who could help them while the competitors were not to be trusted. They got prospects to act quickly and pay higher prices than they ever did before. And they were able to have the prospects automatically make assumptions about the company, their products and services, and their competition.

Now, I have to ask you, how could being able to do this affect your business - and your bottom line?

If you're like most business people, you'd say that every little bit that would get you more sales would help.

And that's what I'd like to tell you about now...

Use the Power of Language Patterns to Help Your Business

NLP Language Patterns have long been a secret weapon in the arsenal of savvy advertisers they've kept to themselves and never publicized for years. And if you've read this article this far, there's an excellent chance you're interested in using language patterns for your advertising. To make it much more persuasive and more profitable.

These powerful language patterns are now available to you in a new resource called NLP Language Patterns for Advertising. Everything you need to cause your readers (or listeners) to contact you and buy is included in this program.

Here's just a small sample of what's inside:
  • Create Excitement and Desire
  • Establish Credibility and Expertise (even if you have none)
  • Changing Beliefs
  • Having Prospects Make a Commitment to You
  • Creating Urgency and Scarcity
  • Differentiating Yourself from the Competition
When you use NLP Language Patterns in your advertising, you'll notice a marked increase in response - and sales! Really. Experience higher conversion and response rates like you've never experienced before.

Advanced Language Patterns Software
What are some things you'd be able to accomplish if you got more prospects to act?   

Write your answers here:

Perhaps you can see yourself achieving these in a very short time from now.

In the past you might have been driven to despair by the lack of response to your advertising. You might have thought, "How can these people be so stupid? Can't they see the benefits of what I'm offering?"

Now consider the same event, but this time, thanks to adding NLP Language Patterns to your marketing material, your conversion rate, your response rate, and your profits are at a level you're ecstatic about.

You're just minutes away from achieving all of this when you order NLP Language Patterns for Advertising.

But before I tell you how to get this helpful product, let me tell you about another benefit you'll discover: as you apply these language patterns in your marketing materials, you'll start to notice that you are using these same patterns in your daily conversation - automatically.  

That's right. Your daily persuasion skills become enhanced through the regular use of NLP language patterns. As you think about that, where in your life could you use a bit more persuasive ability?

Get a jump on your competitors

Yes, there are many products on how to write advertising copy, but there has never been a resource that shows you the EXACT language necessary to get people motivated to ACT. And ACT NOW!

This is an excellent resource whether you're a complete novice at marketing or a seasoned copywriter with years of experience. It's even useful if you're just curious about what motivates people.

You'll get all the "formulas" on how to get prospects excited about your products and services, how to get them off their duffs and pull out their wallets, how to appear credible, how to create more value, even how to create rapport with the written word. And a lot more.

How much?

Realize that to get this information in a seminar would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. That's if such a seminar exsisted. There are plenty of NLP seminars and even NLP Language Pattern seminars and workshops using language patterns for therapy. You won't be paying anywhere near that amount.

The total price for this product is only $49.96
and comes with a full 60-day money-back guarantee. And the minute you pay, you will be able to download this digital product immediately.

Plus, when you Order Right Away you'll receive 3 sensational software bonuses...

  • Embedded Command Maker. With this piece of software you just tell it what commands you want your readers to subconsciously agree to and consciously act upon and it will produce perfectly formatted embedded commands you can use in your advertising, conversations, or correspondence.
  • Presupposition Generator. What do you want your readers or prospects to assume about you, your business, your products, or your services? Just answer a few simple questions the software presents to you and it will generate a variety of presuppositions you can use in your ads. These presuppositions will cause your readers to automatically believe what you want them to believe.
  • Pain Generator. People are more interested in finding solutions to their problems and avoiding pain than going after their goals (this is called "Moving Away Motivation" in NLP). Advertising that stresses the prospect's problems and the solutions to them does far better than "feel-good" advertising. This software takes you step-by-step on figuring out how to create advertising that "strikes a nerve."
There you have it: NLP Language Patterns for Advertising plus 3 free bonuses worth at least $95 dollars each for the one-time payment of $49.96

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