Is your sales copy flat, lifeless...not getting you many sales? Maybe you've written a sales letter, looked at it a few days later and said to yourself, "Blah. Boring."

Problem of course, is that you're not setting off the fireworks in your readers' minds. You're not tickling their senses, not giving them a rich sensory experience.

Think about the last time you bought something, especially after you read a long sales letter or watched an info-mercial. Didn't you get excited? Wasn't the movie in your mind controlling your emotions and actions so that YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS!

How would you like to be able to control and influence the "buying" movies in your prospects' minds? Wouldn't that be useful...and more profitable?

You bet it would.

That's why I've created an ebook that shows you how to do just that. It's been somewhat of a secret to the legendary copywriters' genius.

Here is some of what's inside:

Stimulating your prospects senses with words that just get them so excited (as you know, emotions play a critical part in getting people to buy)...

• Increasing their ecstasy (no, not the drug, but by tickling their senses and upping their emotions) you'll increase your repuation in their eyes as a person (or business) who knows what they're talking about. This is where you get them drooling...

Controlling how your prospects experience time (by doing this you can get them to buy faster from you)...

• Diminishing your competition without mentioning their names (this is a no-no in traditional sales)...

• Overcoming objections with submodalities. (How would you like to shrink a customer's objections, turn them into a little ball, and throw it into the trash? Well, now you can after you read this section.)...

You can apply these techniques to make your sales copy snap, crackle, and pop in your prospects' minds. And once that happens, the magic begins!

This information is not available anyplace else. It is not a rehash of other material.

Why not download it now, while you're still on the page? It will be a great investment and put you years ahead of your competitors.

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