Verbal Assault Patterns: Turn Your Tongue Into a Lethal Weapon

"Turns your tongue into a tool as sharp. . . and as painful as a dentist s drill"

Are you utterly sick and tired of the vermon in your life putting you down and making your life hell? Are you ready for a change?

How would you like an easy-to-use "tool" that will put these people in their place once and for all? Turning you into a machine that no one will mess with?

Read on to find out how ...

Introducing: Verbal Assault Patterns. . .

If you admire those people with the wicked tongue who can shut someone up or put them in their place with just a few words, you are about to join this elite group of eloquent fighters.

Have you've ever been in a situation where you ve been insulted and you just sat there meekly not knowing how to reply? And you are still getting angry at yourself hours and days later, I ve got some dynamite news for you - those days are over

Sure there's a ton of information out there on how to insult people. This is great if you want a punch in the face. It s a crude form of defending yourself. You can also do some "Verbal Judo" and turn the other cheek. But in this day and age, you need more sophisticated ways of defending and attacking - just like clever politicians and lawyers do.

With the latest research into verbal stimulous-response and behavioral conditioning, you will soon have at your disposal all the tools you need to put people in their place - never to mess with you again

How would you like to be able to say just a few simple words designed to affect people's subconscious a deep level? YES! Now, you're in control.

Everything you need to turn your tongue into a razor-sharp bayonet is in this NEW Special Report, Verbal Assault Patterns. Let's take a look inside:

  • Win any argument and be invincible. Attack without people being able to defend themselves....
  • Attack with venom so your enemies won't even know what hit em...
  • Use the same language as effective communicators. These are the same linguistic patterns the most eloquent members of our society use to put people in their place. You ll find no finer pedigree...
  • Handle people with ease. From taking care of hecklers. . . to getting the last word in. . . to never leaving an argument coming up with a witty answer you could have used an hour later.
  • You'll get patterns to attack their beliefs to vicious patterns that attack their identity.
  • Become someone nobody in their right mind would want to verbally grapple with - like those guys on 60 Minutes or HardTalk ...
Get started right away. There's no need to study for long or take hours of practice. As you ll see, you'll be able to start using these devastating techniques in just minutes from now.

Download the Verbal Assault Patterns eBook (PDF) now for only $14.00. Click on the button below where you will be taken to a PayPal page (via e-Junkie).

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WARNING: This eBook is for entertainment purposes only.